Backup Files and Folders

Once you have setup your Backup Groups, manually backing up your files requires nothing more than the click of a button. A Backup Now button is provided on both TOPS Data and Files and Folders tabs. Manual backups are independent of other, while the Scheduler backs up both TOPS Data and Files and Folders during the automatic backup process.

After doing an initial backup of your backup groups, subsequent backups will only upload files if they have been changed since the last backup. The exception is TOPS Data, which will back up every time.

From the Files and Folders tab:

1.    Click to select the backup group you wish to backup.

2.    Click the Backup Now Button. 

3.    The TOPS Internet Backup logo appears while the system performs the backup. 

4.    Once the backup is complete a dialog box displaying the backed up files appears. 
Keep in mind the system will only backup those files that have been changed since the last backup.

5.    Click OK. 

6.    If your user profile is set to receive emailed reports, you will receive a user backup report via email from advising you that a backup was performed (and, if you have the detailed report option select in your user profile, listing all the files that were backed up.)